The Top 3 Arsenal goalkeepers

There is still a significant difference between the ten players defending the colours of their team on the field and the goalkeeper. All the hopes are placed on his shoulders. So, let’s talk about those wonderful goalkeepers who have changed Arsenal’s history.

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So, here are our top three Arsenal goalkeepers:

3. Jens Lehmann

Jens was Arsenal’s main goalkeeper in the 2003/04 season. He was a necessary element of an ideal team, which did not know the bitterness of defeat. At the same time, Lehmann was always a cool, really cool goalkeeper, but he was always ready to learn from these mistakes.

In the very first season of his playing, Lehmann made only a few blunders on the background of a very high-quality game.

The next two seasons passed for the German in the fight for the first place with the Spaniard Manuel Almunia. Lehmann became the oldest player in Arsenal history to play the match in the English Premier League.

2. Pat Jennings

Pat Jennings was one of the best representatives of the English goalkeeper school – this is a fact. Moreover, he was a revolutionary one. But first things first. Until 1977, it was difficult for Pat to provoke positive emotions among fans, for he was playing for Tottenham. And he was doing it very well. But in 1977, Tottenham decided to compete for the trophies of another division, and this was not a part of Pat’s plans. However, the teammates were happy to get rid of the older player. Ah, how wrong they were. Pat became a part of the great Arsenal and did not lose!

He was one of the first ones to use the legs and other parts of the body to prevent the goal. Secondly, his huge hands allowed him to make saves with one hand. And thirdly, his powerful legs helped throw the ball farther than all his colleagues could.

And the only thing that could overshadow his physical abilities were his mental abilities. His calm and composure were simply amazing. Moreover, they were contagiously passed on to the defenders, which was always extremely important during the big matches. Usually, moving from one club in north London to another is accompanied by a wave of hatred from fans of the abandoned club, but being one of the best players to wear goalkeeper gloves, Pat Jannings is almost the only exception.

1. David Seaman

Why have we chosen him? For example, for his excellent reaction and excellent position selection. All of this is simply impossible to forget for 16 years since his departure from the club. And what about his charisma?

18 missed goals in 38 matches in the debut season, just one defeat and a well-deserved championship – it’s all about him. After this, the question of whether he deserved to be a part of such a team or not did not raise any doubts.

The arrival of the new coach has not changed anything. Not that young already, David remained the main keeper of the Arsenal at Wenger. And the gratefulness appeared almost immediately.
But when in 2003 the majority of people have buried the football career of almost forty-year-old David, he once again managed to surprise the public in the semifinal match of the FA Cup. Actually, the match was also notable for the fact that it was the THOUSANDTH match of David Seaman in his professional career. Needless to say, the final was won, and the FA Cup 2003 became the eighth trophy for David Seaman in the Arsenal.

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